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These 5 counterintuitive rules can help you get a different viewpoint on life in general and on the things you could focus on to experience more success and more positive results in your life.

My students have been using these rules with great success in almost every part of their lives.


Shift Your Focus, Start Receiving. 

Looking back, I now know that I was always exactly at the spot where I was meant to be. 

Why? Because throughout my life I had unknowingly planted wrong seeds into my mind.

Over the years, those seeds have grown and matured. They were responsible for my struggles.

No one can expect to harvest a rose if they planted seed of an onion.

There is a reason behind everyting in the world, in the universe and in the reality we perceive.

Yet our perception of reality is very limited. Our brain is only capable of processing about 1% of reality around us.

The same is true about the 5 senses of sight, touch, taste, hearing and smell that our brain uses to collect and interpret every single informaton from our environment.

Even an atom and every single molecule contains only about 1% of mass. The rest is pure space, filled with invisible forces that scientists only recently began exploring.

Thus, the physical reality around us is just an illusion of five senses.

We live in that 1% reality, always reacting to external stimuli and events. We always perceive the effects and symptoms but rarely see the cause.

The 1% reality is the world of effects and chaos.

If you've tried to achieve fulfillment in this 1% reality, then there's a high probability the results you had were either partial or none at all.

By thinking and acting the same way all the time, I was getting the same results, over and over again. To get different results, I had to choose different thoughts and do different things.

To experience a life-change, shift your attention and start perceiving the 99% reality.

Sounds difficult? It's not.

The 99% reality is the causal world. The world of seeds, roots and origins. The world of order and control.

It is that one single unlimited source of abundant energy that grows and repairs everything in the universe and in your life here on this Earth.

Ignoring this 99% reality means ignoring 99% rules of life and 99% of the playing field.

Moving away from the illusion of 1% reality sets
the Law of Attraction to work.


Unblock Your Mind, Draw Energy.

Deep within your brain there is a part of the mind that the ancients called, the animal soul. Today, scientists call it the subconscious or deeper mind.

This hidden part of your mind stores all experiences, emotions and beliefs you’ve picked in your own life and beyond. 

These memories and beliefs are rooted so deeply within you, that you’re not consciously aware of them. 

They determine your habits and eventually your life experiences.

Why? Because the underlying beliefs represent to deeper mind what commands represent to a computer.

Your deeper mind does not judge its content. 

It simply obeys those old false commands like a loyal servant, manufacturing your everyday reality by turning your thoughts ​into real life experiences and eventually, tangible things.

Your task is to replace these false inhibiting beliefs with correct thoughts, reprogramming deeper mind to only manifest positive experiences and success, over and over again.

But there is a trick. Subconscious mind is habitual, hardly accessible and difficult to reprogram.

Yet, there actually is a way that will allow you to access this hidden part of your mind directly and change its content as you wish.


Work Less, Become Financially Free.

Let me put it straight. Most people who work from dusk till dawn are not on the right path to financial freedom, fulfillment and true purpose.

It's because they traded their precious time for a reward.

There's a much better way. A way that has been successfully adopted by thousands of people worldwide.

It is the way of creating your very own vehicle for prosperity, through which the energy of abundance will manifest in your life.

In fact, almost no one became wealthy in a true sense of this word by working for someone else.

Even those who did had to trade their precious time for high salaries and the luxurious lifestyle they were actually forced to lead.

None of them  ever had enough time for themselves, their passions, interests and their families.

We live in 21st century, where building your own passive income is easily accessible and highly rewarding.

It is possible to become financially free by working much less, doing what you love.

Yes, you hear me right.

You can turn almost any passion or interest of yours into your personal vehicle to freedom.

Take a pen and paper and try to come up with at least three interests or passions you have had in the past or have right now.

One of these three keywords can become your ticket to prosperity.

Only the sky is the limit here.

Let's look at the undisputable benefits this approach has over working for someone else.

#1 Turning passions into profits brings personal fulfillment.

Wouldn't you love doing what you like, share that with others and get paid for it?

Believe me or not, whatever it is you love doing, there is a huge audience waiting for you to consume your content and pay you for that.

#2 People from all walks of life can do it

If you have the right guidance, there are no special skills needed. You can build the whole thing from the convenience of your own home in just a few days.

#3 You don't need to leave your current job

Since you only need one hour per day, you can keep your current job as long as you want and build your passive income along.

Freedom of time and better work-life balance

Yes, you won't need an alarm clock anymore. You can set your day anyway you want.

#4 You don't have to invent anything new to become successful

All you need to do is share your knowledge, differently than others and follow the guide.

#5 You are building 
an asset

There is a huge global market where you can sell your entire passion-based business anytime.

Once you start making considerable amount of recurring profits, value of your small business increases geometrically.

There are tens of thousands small passion-based businesses worth millions of dollars out there already.

You can become one of them.


Share More, Get On The Wealth Fast Track.

There is an ancient saying: "All you need in your life is to receive light."

In today's terms, we can replace the word 'light' by 'dreams' or 'desires'.

If your desire is to become financially free and wealthy, then manifestation of wealth in your life can bring you high level of fulfillment.

The old saying further states: "Relationship between man and the universe can be compared to the relationshp of vessel and light."

In other words, when you as a vessel become fulfilled, you'll experience a strong urge to share that fulfillment with others.

This can bring you back more intense stream of happiness and joy and also your wealth can dramatically increase.

Why? Because sharing everything you know about your passion to more and more people builds your audience.

And for many thousands of different passions, the audience is already big, ready to learn and consume what you have to offer.

The more you share, the more you receive back.

By sharing with others you are actually becoming the light, while your audience becomes the vessel, ready to be filled with what you have to say and offer. 

By sharing, you are taking on the qualities of the light itself.

Those of love and proactivity.

You are becoming the conductor of the universal energy of light, driving it down and helping those who need it the most with your own experiences, skills and knowledge, while building your own wealth at the same time. 


Clear Your Pathways, Invite Renewal.

Everything that manifests in the world of matter first exists in human mind.

Your thoughts, opinions and beliefs are filters of your life energy. Thus, your own thoughts decide what you focus on in your life and where you spend that energy.

Change your thoughts and your focus will change as well.

Moreover, ancients masters believed that every cell in human body is actually a miniature of human mind. 

The old masters believed that every cell in human body takes on qualities, thoughts and emotions from the subconscious mind and works according to that information. 

Change your thoughts to experience positive
renewal on every level of your life. 

Now you're probably wondering what are the thoughs and beliefs that should be avoided?

There are exactly 7 negative thoughts and beliefs that indicate separation and disconnection of yourself from the world around you and from the source of abundance. 

Removing just one of these thoughts from your mind can have positive influence on your life.

This secret Alignment Code will help you replace all your limiting thoughts and beliefs, while your new thoughts will reflect your brand new positive attitude and your own personal unity with all things.

Take advantage of the amazing body-mind connection.

Today, I'm going to give you a Secret Code that you can apply immediately, but to be honest, a lot of the information I'm going to share with you exposes secrets that some poeple don't want you to know about.

Therefore I can't promise that this site will be up and running forever.

So, if you're really serious and honest about experiencing true lasting abundance, click the button below and start receiving today!

What is Manifestation Masterkey

Manifestation Masterkey is a 21-day program that takes just one to two minutes per day to complete. The main program explains all seven one-minute manifestation formulas and how you can apply them for drawing more abundance into your life. 

You simply use one of these formulas each day for 3 weeks, speak directly to your subconscious mind to induce your attention to abundance.

Second part of the program contains separate method of ancient vibrational manifestation designed for those who pursue their own path of spirituality.

The main program also contains detailed step-by-step instruction on how you can build your very own personal lifestyle business from the convenience of your home in 21 days.

The Masterkey is for anyone who:

  • believes in hard scientific evidence, principles of logic and common sense
  • is spiritually wired or follows any mainstream religion, new age or any other cult of worshipping
  • does not believe in anything spiritual or doubt the magnetic power of The Law of Attraction
  • Arrow Circle Right
    does his or her own judgements on intuitive feelings, five senses or past experiences 

Start using these powerful masterkeys today and learn how you can:

  • Remove all abundance blocks by reprogramming your mind using only a very short one-minute manifestation sessions
  • Learn about a little-known way of turning your passions into passive income in just a few weeks
  • Discover the unique mind power method to clear your energy pathways and draw powerful 'brilliance' into your mind and life
  • Deploy this special breathing method used by ancient masters to experience increased amount of vibrant energy
  • Explore the depths of your mind with a secret dream meditation technique, that hasn't been publicly available until this very moment
  • How to manifest more success at work or in your private life using simple magnetic formulas
  • Have the wisdom of over 100 millionaires that started with nothing at your fingertips and discover how little it takes to grab your own piece of pie
  • Check Circle
    And much, much more simply because this program is being enhanced and updated with new valuable information on regular basis

I sincerely invite you to this life-changing personal journey to manifestation.

Glenn Bolton

Today Only $247 $47 - Act Now!

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